Welcome to Yogic Living!  Whether you arrived here from Bhakti House, via IAMLvingYogaNow.com or via some random link given to you by a stranger, welcome!  On second thought, if you’re here due to a random link from some stranger, welcome but also, be careful what you click!

What Is Yogic Living?

Yogic Living is, in a nutshell, living a life of yoga.  Living a life of, "Yes!"

For years I’ve participated in yoga teacher trainings either as a student or as a mentor.  One question that often comes up is, "I want to deepen my understanding of yoga and benefit more from my practice.  But, I don’t want to become a teacher.  What’s available for me?"

In most cases, the answer is a dismal, nothing much.  Teacher training is the only real way to have an indepth study of yoga.

This wesite is the resource that I needed when I started my own practice of yoga 20 years ago.  It is direct access to many resources.  I’ve designed these with the newest newbies in mind, that’s where we all start.  I’ve also gathered resources for the most seasoned masters.  These are all here for you to learn, experience, understand and apply the ancient secrets of yoga.

What Rescourses Are Available?

The Basics
This section begins with the most basic of yogic philosophy.  I present this in an easy to understand and easy to use format.  The Basics also covers guided meditation (Yoga Nidra), breathing techniques and postures.

The Basics are available to everyone.

When books disappear or gurus die, the knowledge they have often disappears or dies with them.  This library is a meager attempt to prevent that.

The online library provides access to all the texts that have guided my own journey.  I also provide, where possible, ways for you to obtain your own copies.

Yoga in Life
This is a year long dive into the basics of yoga.  I will guide you through using them as the foundation of your own spiritual exploration.

Life as Sadhana
This is a year long sangha, a gathering of fellow seekers.  We explore how not only to take yoga off the mat but how to live every moment as sadhana.

"Company is stronger than willpower."  Swami Kripalu

Every one of us has to make this journey alone.  No one can walk it for us; yet, we can enjoy the company of others along the way.